"I really enjoyed my 1st contact with Saffron, Jackie was friendly personable, she answered my questions, and I felt confident she would be able to help me. Our enjoyed our 1st proper session, and she helped me with my action goals, that were just right for where I am at the moment. So I am so glad I hired my own coach, and that I hired Jackie, who also has the business experience to bring out the best in me, and help me with great strategies. So very happy so far!"


"Very supportive, full of ideas and opened my mind in different and educative ways."


"The approach was insightful and reassuring. Time was used to fully appreciate my situation. I have become purposeful in my life goals since we met."


"Saffron is an amazing mentor and I would recommend her to anyone who needs emotional support in their career or daily lives. I recently moved here from the Caribbean and adjusting to my new journey here in the UK has been challenging. I reached out to Saffron who worked with me through my financial difficulties as well as my overall Life Goals. She is very patient, kind, understanding and most importantly encouraging. I am grateful that I met her because now she is more than just a mentor, she has become a friend who I trust."


"Confused, stuck, lost... these are words that started to come out after my very first session with Jackie, she really helped me articulate the way I had been feeling. I've long been a sceptic but after been convinced by a friend to try a life coach I started to research different options and this is where I found Jackie. I've had a series of sessions over the phone and in person and I can testify it has definitely helped provide some clarity in my own life and guide me into a more positive future. Jackie herself is a patient, caring and optimistic person who's both professional and empathetic when it comes to her clients and I would happily recommend her to family, friends and strangers."


"I really had a great time with Jackie. She provided the exact guidance, confidence and plan of action that i needed. She is very flexible. She highlighted the main barriers and the guide to deal with those barriers and confusions that i had for so long regarding my job, career and studies. Meeting and having a conversation with her is a time saver for me as well. She provided me the step by step guidance. And asked me that she is going to do a follow-up. I had a lot of questions and confusions and she answered and made all clear to me. Love you Jackie ❤️ Thanks for asking me to not get distracted by anything, not even writing a review for you. Thanks for your sincerity and good will."


"One of the great things that happened to us (as Afflatus Africa) on this journey of promoting inter-generational exchange through mentor-ship and career guidance was to get mentor-ship from Grow movement and being mentored by the best of the best mentor Jackie Ngu. In only six months Jackie improved our working strategies, planning, organizing, fundraising implementing and executing. Jackie was not only a mentor as she was supposed to do but sacrifices more of her time for us to get more from her experience and she is still our advisor."


"It was good having Jackie as my coach and a lot of new insights to learn. This has changed my perspective towards working on my own and diversity."      

Karem Salas Jimenez May 7, 2019 Career Coaching

"Jackie is a wonderful coach; she has a natural and approachable style which makes her so easy to connect with. Her emotional intelligence and varied experience add so much value to each session. Jackie has helped me tackle some challenging situations at work, as a result, I feel a lot more confident, assertive and in control. I have already begun to see some changes. She has great empathy and is a good listener so I have felt very comfortable sharing things and each time I come away with better direction and feeling more prepared to push myself outside of my comfort zone. Thank you, Jackie!"


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